Mission Statement

The Oklahoma Virtual Preparatory Academy is a virtual public charter school dedicated to inspiring students in grades preK-8 to realize their full potential in a 21st Century learning environment utilizing a proven curriculum, expert instructional support, and instructional systems designed to encourage academic excellence. Leveraging the partnership between student, professional teacher, parents, peers and other members of the academic community, the Oklahoma Virtual Preparatory Academy creates a learning environment that empowers students who participate in distance education programs to achieve success.

Since 1906, the Calvert organization has helped children to realize their academic potential despite the constraints of income and geography. The foundation of the Oklahoma Virtual Preparatory Academy program is the high-quality, research-based, and standards aligned Calvert curriculum, which has been producing results for over a century.

Each student will benefit from the implementation of the Calvert curriculum driven by a professional learning community composed of a certified area teachers, a Calvert online mentoring teacher, Calvert Education Counselors, and enriched by the daily support and encouragement of their Learning Guide.

The Oklahoma Virtual Preparatory Academy public virtual school program supports the essence of the Oklahoma Charter Schools Act and propels Oklahoma students forward into the 21st Century workplace.

The Oklahoma Virtual Preparatory Academy is committed to:

  • Improving student learning
  • Increasing learning opportunities for students
  • Encouraging the use of a variety of productive teaching methods
  • Establishing new forms of accountability for schools
  • Creating new professional opportunities for teachers as instructors and program leaders
  • Assisting Oklahoma in reaching academic excellence

Building upon the core of the rigorous Calvert curriculum—fundamentals of reading, composition writing, arithmetic, critical thinking, and arts and sciences—students employ specific skills that are meaningful in today’s academic environment. Through collaborative learning, leadership development, and increased technological application, students receive the skills they need to succeed in a present day economy.

The Oklahoma Virtual Preparatory Academy combines the best of tradition and innovation by blending the trusted Calvert curriculum, the oversight of a professional teaching team, and the innovative technology needed to serve the public virtual school students of Oklahoma.