What is the Oklahoma Virtual Preparatory Academy, a program of Epic Charter Schools?

OKVPA is a virtual distance learning program for students in grades PreK–8 who are Oklahoma residents. It is a tuition-free program of a virtual charter school that utilizes the Calvert curriculum.

How do I enroll or register for the Oklahoma Virtual Preparatory Academy?

Go to our enrollment page and complete the online application.

When will I receive my student’s curriculum?

Before school starts, you will receive online access, physical materials, and a call from your student’s certified teacher.

If your curriculum has not arrived by the first day of school, please contact the school and we will provide you with the status of your shipment.

If my child is an OKVPA student, is he/she an Epic student?

Yes. OKVPA is a program of Epic Charter Schools.

Do all Epic policies apply to families enrolled in the OKVPA program?

Yes. Because OKVPA is a program of Epic Charter Schools, all policies pertaining to Epic students apply. OKVPA families should refer to their assigned teacher with any questions.

If I have questions about the enrollment status of my child, who should I call?

Please contact the school with any questions involving enrollment status.

Is the pre/baseline assessment mandatory?

Yes. All new students IN GRADES 1-8 must take the Calvert placement test to determine/confirm curriculum placement.

Can my student be enrolled in two schools?

Oklahoma does not allow dual enrollment or enrollment in more than one public school.

How much does it cost?

The Oklahoma Virtual Preparatory Academy is a public virtual charter school. It operates under the authority of the Epic Charter Schools within the Graham Public School District. All tuition, materials and services are fully funded. There is NO cost to families.

Do I need internet access?
Yes, the Oklahoma Virtual Preparatory Academy offers a blend of traditional and online instruction. The student and parent will need access to the internet 5–6 hours a day from your home.

Do I need a computer?

Computers with internet access are required to complete a portion of the curriculum, as the Oklahoma Virtual Preparatory Academy is a blended curriculum program. (See Tech requirements below).

How much time will be required online, per day, per week?

The Oklahoma Virtual Preparatory Academy curriculum is a blended program. Students may access the lessons and complete some activities online. The amount of time online will vary depending on the student, grade and the lesson for that day. Other activities, such as reading texts, novels, completing worksheets, labs, and some projects will be completed off-line. Auto-graded daily checkpoint assessments will be completed online to show that the student completed and understood the main ideas for each lesson. Each student will have live, synchronous sessions throughout the curriculum.

Is this school right for me?

The Oklahoma Virtual Preparatory Academy uses the Calvert curriculum. It blends tradition, innovation, and technology. Since 1906 Calvert has educated more than 600,000 students from around the world! OKVPA makes this curriculum available to you, within your state, tuition-free, and provides you with the extra support of a certified teacher to support your family’s educational journey.

What are the eligibility requirements?

The Oklahoma Virtual Preparatory Academy is a program of the Epic Charter Schools and follows the Oklahoma State Department of Education guidelines for enrollment. This includes being an Oklahoma resident.

What subjects will my student study?

Oklahoma Virtual Preparatory Academy provides a well-rounded curriculum, including Math, Language Arts, Science, History, Art and Music. The program will provide the curriculum and materials necessary, though some common household items may be required.

Do I have to be “tech savvy”?

No, the program is easy to use.  However, basic computer skills are necessary.

Is there curriculum for gifted and advanced grade students?

Yes, gifted and advanced students will have an individualized learning plan developed including curriculum and enrichment support to meet their individual needs.

How do the parents participate?

Parent or adult participation is a requirement of this program. The curriculum is challenging and requires many hours of parent/ student interaction. Throughout the curriculum and school year, there will be parent – teacher conferences and student- teacher conferences to discuss the student’s progress. Students are also required to participate in annual state testing at centralized testing locations directed by the school.

Can you tell me more about the teacher?

The Oklahoma Virtual Preparatory Academy provides a certified teacher for every student. These teachers are experienced and skilled in working with families in both virtual and classroom environments. They are available Monday – Friday for questions, special assistance, and group teaching activities. As part of a virtual school, you will not be required to meet with them in-person or inside your home.

Is there an opportunity for my student to gather with classmates?

There will be optional opportunities throughout the school year and summer to interact with the Oklahoma Virtual Preparatory Academy community virtually or at in-person events. Epic and Calvert sponsor many clubs, contests, and events.

Does this program count for public school credit?

Yes. OKVPA credits are approved by Oklahoma and will be accepted for credit and entrance into any public school.

What are the technical requirements for this school?

Hardware Requirements:

-2GHz or faster processor

-2GB of RAM

-60 GB of available hard-disk space

-1,024 x 768 screen resolution

-DVD-ROM drive

-Audio card

-Headset or speakers and microphone

-Printer and Scanner, or combination

Software Requirements:

-Microsoft® Windows® XP Home or later

-Latest Version of Adobe Flash Player

-Latest Version of Mozilla Firefox or Internet Explorer

-Microsoft Office 2003 or later

-Adobe Acrobat Standard 9.0


-Web camera

-Bamboo Pen Tablet or equivalent