Calvert’s hands-on Pre-K curriculum is designed to kick-start your child’s love for learning. Your child will enjoy a year of guided and fun developmental activities as you work together to begin the educational experience. Hands-on activities will progress your child’s readiness skills so that he or she is set up for success in Kindergarten.

Calvert’s Pre-K curriculum paves the way for reading with vocabulary building activities and exercises that stimulate visual and auditory discrimination, and also fosters an appreciation for simple measurements and patterns.


In preparation for Kindergarten, Math activities begin with an appreciation for simple measurements and patterns, with the recognition and writing of numbers 1–10.

Language Arts

Paving the way for reading, Calvert’s vocabulary-building activities and exercises are designed to stimulate visual and auditory discrimination. Your child will also learn to associate ideas, build logical sequences, and strengthen comprehension and memory skills.


Discussions about community, family, home, helping, how other people live, and politeness help prepare your child to interact well with others.

Games and Play

Hands-on activities, manipulatives, dramatizations, imitations, and mimicry focus your child’s readiness skills to prepare for an academic Kindergarten.


Your child will learn, sing, and enjoy favorite nursery songs.

Things To Do

Learning by doing is an important part of this program. Coloring, drawing, cutting, tracing, baking, pipe-cleaner construction, and even making musical instruments are activities that engage and help reinforce motor control.

Course content subject to change.

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