Inspire the best in your child

Free PreK–8 Virtual Public School

Oklahoma Virtual Preparatory Academy will give your child a well-rounded education outside of the traditional classroom. Backed by some of area’s best teachers and using the world-renowned Calvert curriculum, OKVPA provides the advantages of a virtual public school at home, tuition-free to Oklahoma students.

Oklahoma Virtual Preparatory Academy provides:

  • A flexible program tailored to your child
  • Accredited, rigorous, well-rounded curriculum that provides a classic education
  • Flexible schedule that works with your family
  • Outstanding support from certified teachers
  • Step-by-step lesson plans that are easy to follow

How it Works

  • Students complete assignments supported by a Learning Coach, who is usually a parent or guardian.
  • Students learn using a blend of printed, hands-on and online resources.
  • Students and families can meet and collaborate with other OKVPA students throughout the year.
A program of Epic Charter Schools